Which channel should you use – Search or Display ads?


It is tough to decide which channel, Search or Display advertisement, suits your business and target the best. If you use the wrong channel you can potentially ruin the success of your campaign and the advertisements go to waste. The question you must ask is: which delivers the best results? But how do you determine that without knowing the advantages of these channels? Let’s have a closer look at them.


Display Advertisement

Display ads are those ad boxes you see appearing on almost every website. They are everywhere. Display advertising tracks a user’s behavior in order to put the right advertisements in front of the right people. Here are a few advantages of display advertisement:


Display ads can be a great reminder for your potential customers. If a user has visited your website, but that visit hasn’t led to a conversion, display ads give you an opportunity to attract those visitors back to your site with the help of retargeting. When the visitors come back for a second visit it improves the chance of them converting. You should however be careful when it comes to retargeting and make sure you filter it based on activity and other criteria, otherwise you might end up annoying your current, new or potential customers.


High visibility
Because display ads are almost everywhere on the internet, this channel has a high volume. Display ads can be targeted based on audience, search behavior and they can be displayed anywhere matching the criteria’s. When using display ads, your ad might even be visible to people you hadn’t even thought of targeting.


Brand awareness
Display advertising is the channel for you if you want to increase your brand awareness. Display ads are shown on websites that potential customers would use. The customer might not be aware of your product, but when visiting sites related to your product they’d be introduced to it through display ads.



Search Advertisement

Search advertising is a low-budget, yet also effective way, to reach your target audience. With Search ads you’re able to control who sees your ads and you can also analyze how they’ve found it. There are several great things about Search ads, here’s a few of them:


High-quality leads
If you put enough effort into your Search advertisement you can drive higher conversions and boost traffic. As long as you have the right keywords and they match your product or service you get qualified leads. Search campaigns generally drive higher click-trough rates than display ads, because of the high-quality leads. Search ads are driving more conversions than display ads, because the ad is triggered by the user itself, when searching for a specific keyword.


Measurable data
If you have a Google Adwords account, you can easily track and measure how well your campaign is doing. You will get exact numbers on how many users have found your product and what keywords they’d used.


Budget friendly
With a Search campaign, you’re not paying for the ads unless a user has clicked on them, which means that you don’t pay anything extra in vain. If you’re choosing and bidding keywords that are relevant to your product or service, the users are most likely qualified leads, resulting in higher conversion rates. Search advertising is an efficient way to target the right audience and with a low budget it can get high return on the ad spend and result in low cost of sales. With the right strategy, the budget can be increased to boost the volume, but still keep the percent of return on ad spend.



When you’re starting a new campaign, it’s not always easy to identify which type of advertising to use. Contact us and we can help you decide and run your campaigns for you.