New shopper study shows that offers influence 51% of purchase decisions

Our consumer study in Europe based on more than 12 000 shoppers reveals the importance of marketing promotions and offers. The survey included 30 questions on consumer behavior and views on promotional activities. The focus of this study was consumer goods (excluding fast moving consumer goods).

When asked what influenced the shoppers the most at the point of their purchase, 51 % answered that the promotion made a deciding impact on them. 24 % felt that sales advice was the reason for their decision and 13 % made their decision based on consumer reviews. This shows the importance of utilizing promotions in your marketing strategy.

The study shows that marketing promotions are also influencing how much the shopper is willing to spend on the product. 26 % answered that they have purchased a product that was more expensive thanks to a promotion.


Promotion is the primary point of information for the consumer

As you can see from the picture above, the consumers are interested in hearing more about offers and promotions from your brand. 65 % of the participants in the survey answered that they’d like to receive more offers and 21 % wanted to receive information on range of products and accessories.

The study also reveals the importance of advertising and communicating your offers online to drive traffic to stores. 67 % answered that they have researched at least once on the Internet before buying the product in-store. What better way to promote your brand than online, when people are already thinking about choosing your product?

Are you interested to hear more about the study or other findings we have from marketing activations within the consumer goods sector? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share more information!