Meet our Sales Director: Edvin

A couple of weeks ago we introduced our new Concept Manager Ingrid Engen to our Loyaltic family and now it’s Edvin Årefors turn to answer some of our questions. Edvin is our Sales Director and he’s working at our Stockholm office. It’s been five years since Edvin started working for Loyaltic, but he says that it feels like yesterday.


What made you apply for the job in the first place?

“It was actually a coincidence and I just happened to see the job application on Linkedin. I immediately noticed that Loyaltic had some interesting clients and my background in Fast Moving Consumer Goods got me inspired by Loyaltics customer cases”


Can you tell us about the moment you knew that you’d made the right decision when you applied for the job?

“On my first day, when I got my computer I instantly got the feeling that I could play a big part in making the company grow bigger in Stockholm together with the rest of the team. It was a great feeling!”


What does a Sales Director do at Loyaltic?

“I am responsible for driving sales with our sales team and I make sure that we reach our set targets. In addition to that I work with product development with our clients, partners and internally.”


What are your targets in this position?

“My personal goals are that I will constantly grow as a leader and a sales person. To be a great leader you need to inspire others to meet their full potential and also to maintain our joyful company culture. Our target as a team is to become the leading Digital agency in the Nordics. “


What do you like the most about your job?

“I think the best thing is that it doesn’t feel like work. And that we get the freedom to grow and have responsibilities. Our fantastic clients and my smart colleagues are also inspiring.”


Can you tell us about an exciting project you’ve been working on at Loyaltic?

“Our Christmas campaign for Coca-Cola year 2014 is a memorable project for me. When I cold called them, they immediately said that it was impossible if we don’t have a previous contract with them. But we managed to change their minds. I personally found 30 partners that wanted to co-operate with us, so that we could offer amazing rewards to the end consumers in the campaign. The value for these rewards were 10 million Swedish Krones. The end consumers, who purchased the product received added value, partners got visibility in Coca-Cola’s channels and the sales personnel and the stores got to be a part of an exciting and unique campaign.


Another exciting project is that our receipt validation has evolved during the last couple of years. Now we have an automated receipt solution, which we use in our campaigns. The new receipt solution can read and validate the receipts and we get valuable data and insights. This data about the shoppers is otherwise impossible to get and it’s extremely useful and appreciated by the brands”


What do you think is our strength and what makes us stand out from the crowd?

“We’re focused on adding value to the brands and our clients. We’re extremely communicative, quick and we have a proven track record of providing fast ROI for our clients. I’m most proud of the fact that we’ve managed to establish Loyaltic as a successful digital agency in the Nordics.”


If you had to pick three people in the world to have a dinner with, who would you pick?

Bashar al assad, Kim jong un and Donald trump. Just to understand each other’s differences and similarities and to find a diplomatic solution.


Who inspires you?

My family and my dad who quite recently passed away. Because I love sales, I naturally have some role models in that department, like Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, Victor Antoni and Per Holknekt.