Meet our new Concept Manager: Ingrid

This spring we’re welcoming quite a few new members to our happy Loyaltic family. A couple of weeks ago Ingrid Engen started working at our office in Stockholm. She is our new Concept Manager and she was happy to answer some of our questions.


So, what does a Concept Manager do at Loyaltic?

“As a Concept Manager my job is to offer relevant solutions for clients so that they can maximize their goals and meet their targets. I’m also responsible for our client projects and make sure that we deliver what they need from us and more”


You’ve only been working here for a couple of weeks, but what are you most excited about in this new role?

“I’m super excited about learning more about the client’s challenges and with the help of our digital solutions, find the best fit for them in form of our different services that we offer”


What made you think “hey, this job could be a good fit for me”?

“I’m passionate about companies with a digital core and I noticed right away that Loyaltic has fantastic technical and digital solutions. I learned more about the different digital services that Loyaltic has offered clients in the past and was impressed. I wanted to be a part of that! And I also believe that my background working strategically within digital marketing together with huge advertisers in Sweden could be an asset in the firm.“


What do you think about the company culture so far?

“I noticed from the start that the teamwork here is excellent. That’s one of the most important things in a company, I believe. That you feel that you can rely on your team and that everybody is focusing on the client and finding the best solution for them.”


What’s your first impression about the company?

“I really value the mindset that there’s always something to improve. People working at Loyaltic seem to believe that everyone should work together to further improve our services. The market is constantly changing, and so should the services you provide. That kind of mentality and the innate desire to constantly grow and improve is what I appreciate with Loyaltic as a company”


What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

“I was impressed by the great digital ability and I felt that my strategic background would be an interesting complement to the company´s tactical solutions. However, the company culture played an important roll in my decision. I really feel that the employee’s well-being, feedback and ideas are taken seriously by the company. “


Is there something that you didn’t expect when you started working here? Something that surprised you?

“Even though I knew that Loyaltic is an international company, I was pleasantly surprised by it. We have clients from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, which is exciting. It’s also great that we belong to a French group, Qwamplify, and we get to share knowledge and resources between these countries. As a total we have 500 clients across Europe. It’s also nice that we’re working closely together in Finland and Sweden, which gives us many different perspectives. It’s definitely an asset for the company and our clients.”


Welcome, Ingrid! We’re happy that you’ve joined our team.