Marketing Activation

We do purchase-based promotions, loyalty campaigns, contests, incentives and branded games.

Get the most out of your campaigns

Are you interested in maximizing campaign results, boosting your sales and understanding your shoppers a little bit better? We offer a full range of services and solutions to create high-impact campaigns that motivate, activate and engage your target group. 


Run purchase-based promotions and loyalty programs easier than ever before. A fully digital proof-of-purchase solution that also gives you more insights about what they buy.

Promotions & Contests

Run in-store and online campaigns to increase penetration. Our solutions cover all possible mechanics, like buy & get, gift with purchase, collect & get, buy & win and social media contests.

Branded Games

Create fun games for your brand to attract and engage more customers. We provide fully branded games like quizzes, adventures, puzzles, instant-win, sports and many more. We pick the right game mechanic based on your needs and customize the game to look great for your brand.

Loyalty Campaigns & Programs

A loyalty campaign or program can be a real added value for your brand. We plan, create and run programs like Digital Stamp Cards, Points Programs, Collect & Get schemes that reward shoppers for buying and engaging with the brand.

Store and Staff activation

Motivate, activate and engage store staff, sales teams or other channel partners with fun gamified campaigns. We develop mobile quizzes, sales contests, team challenges and sales games for brands that want to win more business.

Rebates & Moneyback

With our solution you can run moneyback campaigns, bundles, sampling and many other forms of rebates across retailers. We take care of everything including the payments to the participants.

Our services

Campaign idea & concept

We craft a campaign idea based on your objectives. The concept is crafted around a mechanics that suits the target of the planned campaign.


Your campaign concept is brought to life with design and content that is aligned with your brand. Terms & Conditions for the planned campaign as well.


From our network of hundreds of companies, we select the best rewards and incentives for your campaign. We manage everything including the logistics.

Campaign website

A branded campaign site is created with our platform. The site can be integrated on your brand site or it can run as a standalone microsite. We use the newest technologies and our powerful platform allows us to create sophisticated campaigns quickly.

Hosting and management

We host, operate and manage your campaign and make sure everything works. We monitor the campaign activity along the whole campaign period and take actions if needed.

Customer support

We handle incoming questions and feedback in a professional way and support your team along the way.

Reporting & Analysis

The data that is collected from your campaign is presented to you in an easily understandable way.

SMS & Email

With SMS and Email communication we can activate and re-activate the participants. We create triggered messages to notify participants of important events in the campaign.

Traffic to your campaign

We propose a plan on how to expose your campaign to your target group. Depending on your product the campaign can be run in-store, on-pack, online (social media, search, video, display) or as a co-operation with other partners.

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