Finding the right reward – 5 questions you need to ask yourself

What’s better than receiving a gift? You could say that everyone loves to win and be rewarded for something they did, whether it’s an achievement or simply when you buy a specific product. Rewards are an effective way to motivate people. But how do you know which rewards work, and which don’t?


Are you planning a marketing activation campaign, or do you want to find the right incentive to motivate your target group? It can be challenging to find the perfect reward that matches your brand value and motivates the shoppers to choose your product. People love receiving rewards, but in marketing activation campaigns the incentives need to be well-planned and suitable for your purpose.


During our implementation of hundreds of marketing activation campaigns for leading brands, we’ve learnt which types of rewards work the best and for what purpose.


Before choosing the right reward, there are five questions you need to ask yourself:


  1. Who is your target market?
  2. Is the reward relevant to your audience?
  3. Can the reward be linked to your brand?
  4. Is there a brand you’d like to work with?
  5. What is your budget?


When you’ve asked yourself these questions and gotten the answer, you can start planning what to offer your customers.

Here’s some examples of rewards we have offered in our campaigns:


  • In a pizza campaign we offered a trip to the motherland of pizza: a trip to Italy!
  • A coffee machine for people who bought coffee capsules
  • In a granola campaign the rewards were all products you could use for creating a relaxing breakfast
  • Game consoles and virtual reality glasses in campaigns promoting energy drinks
  • Spa treatments, free hotel nights for two, movie tickets and cruises in various campaigns
  • High quality products in many categories (kitchenware, garden, cameras and so on)
  • Big discounts in web stores


Want to hear ideas for rewards that would suit your needs? Contact us for a free consultation!