Increase sales and customer loyalty with a simple email drip campaign

E-mails and newsletters have proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers. You could say that newsletters function as an audience-building tool that allows you to drive loyal readers back to your site.

We’re constantly seeing impressive results of how many people open and respond to newsletters in our different campaigns. Our most recent case was when we sent a newsletter to members in the loyalty program Felix Matklubben, asking the members to answer a survey with feedback about the program. We sent the newsletter to 4975 members and 93 % of those who opened the email also answered the survey. In one day we had received over 1100 answers and today we have received over 1400 replies.

You can most definitely use newsletters to send out surveys to your customers, but they are also great for other purposes.
We’re using a concept called Drip Marketing for increasing sales and customer loyalty.


But what is a Drip Marketing campaign?

Drip marketing campaigns are known by many names; drip marketing, lifecycle emails, autoresponders and automated emails to name a few. The concept behind these emails are that they are a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. These emails are triggered by an action and can be varied based on your preferences. One email might be sent as soon as someone signs up, another can be delivered one week later and a third some days after that.

Each email that you send needs to provide new value. It’s what makes people read the email instead of just open and delete it. Content and relevance is key in this matter.



What are the benefits of Drip Marketing?


Relationship building
Companies are able to communicate with their customers in a simple way. This builds their trust towards the company and increases the loyalty.

Good timing
When planning drip marketing campaigns, you can choose when to send the emails. That way you can send the right message to customers and prospects at just the right time.

An attentive audience
Consumers who sign up for this are in some way interested in your company or your services.

Higher likelihood of sales
Each message sent is more likely to result in a sale, because the emails are targeted to a particular audience, that has already shown interest to your brand.


How we used drip marketing for Polar

We recently implemented a drip marketing campaign for Polar in the Nordics. The campaign was a 30 days challenge, where the consumer purchased a Polar Watch, signed up for the newsletter and received information about the product, workout tips and motivation to complete the challenge.

We created content for the newsletters and then it was translated to four different languages; Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian. The emails were programmed to be sent out once a week for 30 days. This way the consumers learned more about the product and because of the emails they were reminded of the brand and spent more time with it.