Digital Media

Pay for results, reach the right target group and get more traffic to your website or store. 

More traffic and conversions

With search engine marketing, social media and targeted display ads, we help companies across the Nordics to reach their target group online and convert more business. Our digital marketing team can help you with everything from research, to setting the right digital acquisition strategy and to follow-up and analysis on how your investments are paying off. 

Search engine advertising (pay-per-click)

With solid research we build up the right SEA strategy for you. We help you manage and optimize your ad spend based on your targets.

Search engine optimisation

We dig deep into your website and optimize it so that your customers can find you more easily.

Social media ads

On social media networks like facebook, instagram and linkedin we can help you reach your target group before they know that they need your product or service. We target your audience and create campaigns that drive traffic to your site.

Landing pages

Optimizing your website and landing pages is key to increasing your conversion rates. We help you get the most out of your advertising investment by making sure your landing pages serve your customers well.

Video ads

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. We help you get your video in front of your audience when it's relevant for them.

Partnerships & co-registration

We find matching partners for brands in order to get great deals to the right people. With a matching partnership you can reach completely new audiences in a cost-efficient way.


Digital media cases

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