Consumers prefer rewards that engage


Most companies know that if you want to keep your customers satisfied, it’s crucial to give them extra value and show them some appreciation. Many companies choose to take the free or discount route. Discounts and freebies work in the short-term, but in a recent KPMG survey, 80 % of customers were found to like the surprise deals or gifts instead. Customers like the more personal approach, where they can feel connected to the brand and build a relationship with it.


A dedicated reward scheme for your brand?

Reward schemes such as Collect and get campaigns and loyalty campaigns are outperforming discount-based promotions across an entire range of categories, because customers appreciate the more personal approach.


5 reasons why you should consider a reward scheme instead of a discount-based promotion:


  1. People prefer rewards that engage
  2. It shows what you’re thinking about your customers and care about what’s appealing to them
  3. It adds value, instead of discounting your brand
  4. Loyal customers convert and tell their friends and family about their great experience
  5. It’s usually more cost-efficient since you don’t automatically give a discount to everyone who purchases your product


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