Connect and communicate with your customers

Online shopping is increasing every year. It’s just so convenient to browse through the selection while you’re laying at home on your couch instead of sweating in some poorly lit changing room. As the online shopping trends are increasing, the need for communication channels and platforms are also growing. Retail and e-commerce websites need channels that have the ability to reach users across devices as they browse online. Web push notifications enable marketers to reach web users – both on Web and Mobile browsers. They allow marketers to form a connection with customers and potential customers that have previously visited their website – whether it took place via paid search or other channels.


What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are messages pushed to the subscriber’s browser screen on mobile, desktop or tablet. After the users’ opt-in, these messages will appear on their desktop or device, even when they are not using the actual website. They will appear on the browser selected during the opt-in.


When should you use web push notification?

When someone has visited your website, it is more likely that that person will take action compared to one who hasn’t visited the site. Keep the momentum by requesting permission to keep them up to date with more of that they came for: the latest news, products, special offers, releases etc.


8 scenarios when to use web push:

1. Send personalized notifications to let them know when you’re launching new products
2. Trigger reminders to re-engage users who have expressed an interest in a particular product or event
3. Automatically trigger a web push notification when a user abandons cart
4. When someone is browsing on your site and doesn’t add anything to the cart you can send them an automatic reminder
5. When someone has viewed or added a product to the cart, and the price drops, the user appreciates when you send a notification to them
6. Automatically trigger a web push notification when a product viewed by the user is back in stock or when a product has arrived for in-store pick up
7. Generate product recommendations from user activity on your website
8. Have you recently upgraded your website? Show off your new features!


Remember, when it comes to web push notification: timing is everything. Make sure that your website push notifications are scheduled by time zone, geo-location or any other time preferences set by the user, to that the message is received at an appropriate time.