Case study: Tinder

Do you have an app and want to know how to get more people to download it? Or do you have the right amount of registered users, but you want to increase the in-app actions?

More and more companies are investing in building an app for their business. After months of planning the app, the outcome might not be as good as the companies were expecting. Instead of thousands of people flooding the app store to download the app, the companies might be faced with the reality: only a few people even know the app exists. But they shouldn’t lose hope in the app or think it was a bad idea from the start. Creating an app opens a whole new channel by which you can interact with your customers.

Let’s have a look at how our sister company Adsvisers used Google’s Universal App Campaigns to get the app Tinder in hands of more paying customers.

But first; what exactly is Google’s Universal App Campaign?

With the help of Universal App Campaigns, the advertiser can effectively promote their app across Google. The properties include: Search, Google Play, Youtube and the Google Display Network.

Well, how does it work, you may ask?

Unlike Adwords campaigns, the advertiser doesn’t have to design individual ads for each of the networks. Google will use text ad ideas and visual elements to design a bunch of ads in several different formats depending on the placements available on the various networks.


Tinder is the number one dating app and each day the app helps users find love all over the world. Adsvisers helped Tinder to increase in-app actions.



Drive downloads and awareness of the app among valuable customers

Increase app registration and optimize cost per registration


Adopted Universal App Campaigns

Optimized towards in-app events


189 % increase of app installs

+65 % registration rate


In some countries the goal was to increase app downloads and in other the goal was to maximize the number of in-app actions.

Universal App Campaign allowed Adsviser to find new users who were most likely to download the app and make the desired in-app action. As the campaign progressed, performance improved thanks to efficient automated bidding and manual optimizations. UAC was able to find users who were more likely to register or purchase.


Are you interested to increase app downloads or to activate and engage your existing app users? Loyaltic has a solution for both needs. Get in touch if you want to hear more!