Case Picadeli

"Loyaltic delivered a campaign that was engaging to our target audience, where we saw clear sales growth during the campaign period. Together, we created content in social media that generated traffic to the campaign site. We reached close to 4 million people with the campaign and exceeded by far on our KPI targets such as reach, traffic, number of registered purchases in the campaign and the number of gifts redeemed. We highly recommend Loyaltic for buy and get / loyalty campaigns, especially for longer periods."

Ennis Jahic - Digital Marketing Communications Manager, Picadeli

Goal VS Actual


The salad company Picadeli wanted to increase their sales during the winter, which is why we implemented a Collect & Get campaign for them. The reason for going through and creating this promotion, was that it gave the salespeople a legitimate reason for keeping their salad stations in stores during the winter, when salad purchases normally drop. Many major store chains apparently remove the salads during the winter because of bad revenue. This way we could increase the sales and at the same time add value to the products.


In our Collect & Get campaign consumers bought a salad, saved the receipt, registered as a user on the campaign site and uploaded their receipt. We validated the receipts and gave points to the users. The participants collected points and redeemed awesome rewards, such as winter sports equipment and spa treatments. We had 9 different partners with 33 different rewards. The campaign was promoted with POS material and a commercial video that was displayed on most of their salad station monitors. We also used social media to advertise the campaign and to gain even more visibility.


The team at Picadeli was very pleased with the delivery and our commitment. The sales numbers increased and the traffic on the campaign site as well as the reach on social media exceeded the expectations. When surveyed after participation, 50% of the consumers said they purchased more because of the campaign. More than 90% said that they will continue buying after the campaign. 

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