Connect and communicate with your customers

Online shopping is increasing every year. It’s just so convenient to browse through the selection while you’re laying at home on your couch instead of sweating in some poorly lit changing room. As the online shopping trends are increasing, the … Read more

Consumers prefer rewards that engage


Most companies know that if you want to keep your customers satisfied, it’s crucial to give them extra value and show them some appreciation. Many companies choose to take the free or discount route. Discounts and freebies work in … Read more

Meet our new Concept Manager: Ingrid

This spring we’re welcoming quite a few new members to our happy Loyaltic family. A couple of weeks ago Ingrid Engen started working at our office in Stockholm. She is our new Concept Manager and she was happy to answer … Read more

Case study: Tinder

Do you have an app and want to know how to get more people to download it? Or do you have the right amount of registered users, but you want to increase the in-app actions?

More and more companies are … Read more