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Since the start, more than a decade ago,  Loyaltic has planned and executed digital campaigns and programs for large brands in the Nordics. We are a team of professionals with various backgrounds working in all the Nordic countries. We work as one agency across the borders in almost every project, taking advantage of the insights and ideas from each market. We are truly capable of running large-scale Nordic programs as well as national projects in each market, which has been proven by the leading brands that have trusted us for their projects.

Being part of a European group – Qwamplify with headquarters in France – we gain insight, ideas and resources from many countries and markets across Europe. We are also capable of delivering the same high quality service across Europe.

Besides having a continuously developing technical infrastructure, a multipurpose platform, and deep partnerships with leading providers, we believe in people who are passionate about personal and business growth. We employ creative minds, technical wizards, business developers and service minded project managers. The combination of in-house technical capabilities, business sense and creativity enables us to deliver a complete service that helps our clients free resources and gain better results from their marketing investments.  

We are a digital partner for brands who want to boost their sales and grow their business.


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