5 lessons learned about mobile marketing (from the Loyaltic breakfast event)

People now use their mobile devices to access digital services more often than their laptops or desktop computers. The interest in mobile marketing is therefore rapidly accelerating around the world. To address this topic, Loyaltic arranged a breakfast event packed with information on how to engage mobile app users and increase the ROI on mobile marketing. The main speaker this morning was Jonathan Laroussinie – the founder of Audience+ (and the COO of the Qwamplify Group, which Loyaltic is part of).

“For marketers the key problem seems to be that most app users become inactive within a short time from downloading a mobile app. When researching why this happens, the findings show that app users feel that they don’t get relevant and personalized communication from the apps they download. Studies also show that the frequency of relevant and timely messages is key to reducing the churn rate of mobile apps.”


Here’s the five key lessons on how you can boost your app usage and make sure you’ll get a good return on your mobile marketing investments:


1. Engage with your users frequently

A customer who downloads your mobile application is looking for some benefit that your app gives them. However, without the right type of personalized and timely communication, your app is soon forgotten. The right level of frequency is determined by the type of app you have and what problem your app solves for your customers.


2. Personalize your messages

A message based on your customers behavior, location, activity (or inactivity) or any other segmentation criteria, will work better than a mass push notification sent at the same time to a non-segmented audience. A personalized message can give you 4-5 times higher click-through-rates, because the message will be more relevant to more people.


3.  Use limited-time offers to boost sales

Mobile messaging is different from most other marketing mediums, because it generates a more instant response. Push notifications are noticed very fast and the mobile can be used for shopping (both online and offline) and they are used for assistance while shopping. Limited-time offers are great for boosting sales fast and when personalized they are often very much appreciated by the shoppers.


4. Adopt rich, interactive formats

With sophisticated tools you can send not only text-based push notifications, but images, video, links and surveys and get a higher response rate. The interaction can happen directly in the message itself, giving the receiver a faster way to respond to your messages.


5. Ask for feedback

Your customers and app users have some opinion about their experience with your brand. With rich push notifications you can include a question in the message itself, and collect fast and intuitive responses from your target group. The surveys can be triggered for example based on the app users location, which enables you to get the feedback at exactly the right moment.


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